What Is A Neobux Page

Since I had a lot of people ask me specifically, “How do I get Direct Referrals to Neobux?”, I decided to create a whole section in Recruit More Direct Referrals dedicated to explaining what I recommend.

I also created a page that can be promoted to get Neobux Direct Referrals.

I call it a Neobux page.

neobux page

The page is hosted at my website, The PTC Place and it looks like the image above.

The Neobux page has your Neobux referral link on the page 3 times and it explains everything one wants to know before joining a new website.

Customers who use(d) a Neobux page says it converts okay, but it’s not something you will get 100’s of Neobux Direct Referrals from a day if you send a few thousand visitors to it.

You want your Direct Referrals to stick around for as long as possible and if they are educated on the website, they may stick around longer. That’s the goal of the Neobux page. Explain as much as possible about Neobux and hope that the Direct Referrals you recruit stick around for years instead of a few days.