What Is A Top PTC Page

A Top PTC Page is a page you can use to get Direct Referrals to your favorite PTC websites. It will have your Referral Links to the websites you choose, in the rank (order) you choose.

top ptc page tptcp

A Top PTC Page looks like the image on the right, but it can be customized to your preference.

It has your referral links and your payment proofs if you choose to show them.​

You can have up to 20 websites on your Top PTC page.

You can edit your Top PTC Page anytime by contacting me.

So, when/if a website on your page quits paying, you can tell me to delete it or switch it out with a new referral link.

Basically, instead of promoting 1 referral link, you can promote up to 20 with your own Top PTC page from The PTC Place.

This is not the same thing as creating your own blog website and adding a Top PTC page to it.

I can approve or deny any of the websites you provide me to go on your Top PTC page from The PTC Place.