What Is Create Your Top PTC Page

A Top PTC page from The PTC Place and creating your own Top PTC page is two different processes.

The one from The PTC Place is only managed by me. I create the page and update it for you whenever you ask me.

However, if you want to start your own website and create your Top PTC page, I have created a few guides that teach you exactly how to accomplish just that.

There are three different versions of a Top PTC page you can add to your website.

There is the Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced versions seen in the images below.

Top PTC Page easy

Top PTC Page intermediate

Top PTC Page advanced

Each version has a guide that teaches you exactly how to add that specific version of a Top PTC page to your website.

So, you go through the Start Your Blog Website guide first, then choose which Top PTC page you want to add to your website.

You are also provided with the HTML code for your Top PTC page and the CSS that will be added to your website for your Top PTC page.