What Is The Start Your Blog Website Guide

One of the newest guides I am offering is my guide that teaches you exactly how to start your blog website, for free.

To be able to create your own Top PTC page, you will have to have your own blog website.

I teach you ONE EASY method to get your website started and I recommend one service to make this step as easy and cheap as possible.

You start the guide learning a few important steps, then I explain what the service is I recommend to start your blog website.

After that, you jump right into getting your website started and online.

There are many steps to this guide, and every step is explained as clearly as possible with images that show you what I am explaining.


You will learn:

  • what service I recommend to start your blog website.
  • how to choose your domain name.
  • what theme I suggest using.
  • how to start your website in just a few clicks.
  • how to login to your website.
  • the WordPress dashboard.
  • how to activate and update plugins.
  • how to update your administrator profile.
  • how to update your website settings and what I recommend for your settings.
  • what widgets are and how to add widgets to your website.
  • how to add/change your navigation menu on your website.
  • how to change the appearance of your website by customizing it. I go through every section for the theme I recommend and explain it all.
  • how to add pages/posts/images to your website.
  • a lot more…

I want to explain something important before you start creating your website. If you use the service I recommend to host your blog website and create your PTC page, you must be careful on how much traffic and what kind of traffic you send to your website. Paid to Click traffic isn’t considered the highest of quality traffic. With that said, if you start your website for free, don’t send millions of visitors to your website from PTC websites. Not only will your website reach the maximum limit of visitors and your site will go down, but the hosting company would not like that either. You could lose your account and your website. When you create your own website and use a Top PTC page, it’s best to send targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic can be PPC advertising, banner advertising, text advertising, email marketing, etc… It is best to NOT send PTC traffic or Traffic exchange traffic that isn’t targeted. Use a Top PTC Page from The PTC Place if you want to send a bunch of traffic. The PTC Place isn’t a blog website and it can handle a ton of traffic.